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MU Marketing and Graphics Department

Welcome to the MU Marketing & Graphics Department

We are the storytellers of the Memorial Union.

Our graphic design department comprises student graphic designers who constructs dynamic, eye-catching materials that advertise the programs, events, and classes put on by staff members and student organizations sponsored by the MU, as well as signs, maps, advertisements, and graphics that support the Hotel Memorial Union and the MU itself.

Our marketing department, supported by student marketing assistants, is responsible for the MU's social media streams, the MU website and calendar entries, and a few flagship programs including the MU Birthday Bash and the Gold Star Hall Ceremony. The marketing department is the face and the voice of the MU, representing the building, the hotel, our programs and events, and our history. No two days are in the same!

Together, we strive to show the campus and the community the vibrant spirit of Iowa State involvement, leadership, respect, and camaraderie that fills the halls of the Memorial Union.

The MU Marketing Coordinator, Kristin Erdman, is happy to answer questions, grab a coffee, or provide marketing and graphics advice. Just give a shout! Interested in joining our team of student designers and marketing assistants? Shoot an email, your resume, and a link to your portfolio to - we generally hire in the spring for the following fall, but we periodically have openings throughout the year.

Looking for MU marketing resources? Look no further!

Need to submit a graphics request? Fill out the form!

Need some design inspiration? Check out Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun, an educational session Kristin presented at the 2016 ACUI Annual Conference. 

Kristin Erdman
Memorial Union Marketing Coordinator

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