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MU Booth/Table Request

Please submit the following form to request the use of MU booth or tabling space. The table and booth locations are only available to recognized student organizations. This form is intended only for requests; it does not guarantee the use or location availability.

The following states the regulations for the booth and tables:

  • Groups may use a table or booth from 8am to 5pm on the day of their reservation
  • Space is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis

  • Cancellation of space must be made within three days of the reservation start date

  • Groups not occupying their table or booth by 10:15am on the day of their reservation, without prior notification, must inform the Event Management Office of late occupation or they forfeit their reservation for that day.

  • Table and booth locations are only available to recognized student organizations

​​The Event Management Office reserves the right to deny a table or booth request date due to violation of any of these policies. 

Student Organizations: 

  • Must be currently recognized by Student Engagement

  • May reserve booth or table space in the MU at no charge

  • Are limited to 8 reservations per semester

  • Are allowed a maximum of 4 consecutive days per reservation

Space Locations: 

  • The booth is located on the second floor outside the West Student Office Space and is available between 8am and 5pm.

  • The tabling location is at the south atrium outside the bookstore and is available between 7am and 9:45pm


* Indicates a required field
*  If yes, Recognized Organizations will need to fill out an Event Authorization Form.
*  This does not guarantee the space.
*  In case your first choice is not available, please select which space you would prefer instead.
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