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Donation Box Location Request

Recognized Student Organizations may submit this form to request the use of a donation box location. This form is intended only for requests; it does not guarantee that the donation box locations are available or reserved. The following states the guidelines for usage of donation box locations: 

Donation Box Space...

  • May be reserved for up to two weeks 

  • Is available in the East Student Office Space and Main Lounge

Donation Boxes...

  • Must be smaller than 12" wide x 18" long x 18" tall

  • Must clearly identify the student group hosting the event and the non-profit organization benefiting from the event

  • Must be picked up within 24 hours after the ending reservation date or it may be discarded. If for some reason these deadlines cannot be met, the Event Management Office must be informed

Student Organizations...

  • Must be recognized by the Student Activities Center for the current year

  • May reserve donation box space in the MU at no charge 

  • Is responsible for checking on and maintaining the donation box to ensure items are not overflowing 

  • Must have the fundraiser approved through Event Authorization

Additional Information

  • Space is scheduled on a first come, first served basis

  • The Memorial Union is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

  • The Event Management Office reserves the right to deny a donation box space request due to violation of any of these policies and/or an unauthorized event

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Location Requested:
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