Iowa State Memorial Union

Accessible Entrances

For Best Accessibility

For the best accessibility to most areas in the Memorial Union, enter from the east first floor entrance or the south entrance from Lincoln Way. Many levels (though not all) are also accessible from the attached parking ramp.

To Get to East Accessible Entrance

To get to the EAST entrance, drive west from the Iowa State Center (ISC) area on Lincoln Way or east on Lincoln Way from campustown, then turn north at Union Drive where there is a stop light and a turning lane. On Union Drive, pass The Knoll and proceed over the bridge, past the parking ramp exit drive and then turn left at the next driveway. A wheelchair ramp is available, and inside the Union are several elevators to all building levels.

To get to the South Accessible Entrance

To get to the SOUTH entrance, drive west from the Iowa State Center area on Lincoln Way, and pull into the Memorial Union’s driveway after passing the parking ramp. Or, drive east on Lincoln Way, turn left or north on Lynn Avenue, and turn right immediately into the Union’s driveway.  Pull up to the south door to discharge passengers. Just inside this entry is an elevator to first floor; from there all building levels can be reached.

Once passengers are discharged, vehicles should be pulled into the Ramp for parking.


Accessible entrances to each floor are indicated by a red star.

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