Iowa State Memorial Union

Automated Pay Stations

The Memorial Union utilizes a convenient payment system with pay stations located throughout the building. There are no attendants regularly scheduled to be on duty in the parking ramp, so please visit the Information Desk on the second floor for assistance. 

Procedure Requiring Ticket

Here is how the MU parking ramp system works for hourly or daily users:

  1. Take a ticket as you enter the ramp.

  2. Take the ticket with you after you have parked your vehicle

  3. When it's time to return to your vehicle, stop first at one of the three pay station locations or at the MU Main Desk on the second floor to pay for your parking. A validated ticket will be returned to you. 

  4. You have a 15-minute grace period to get to your vehicle and arrive at the exit gate (this length can be adjusted by MU staff on high-traffic days).

  5. At the exit gate, insert your validated ticket into the ticket reader to raise the gate arm.

  6. You may skip steps 3-5 and pay with a credit card at the exit gate by inserting your original entry ticket first, wait for the price to display, then insert your credit card (MC, Discover, Visa). 


If Validated Parking is Provided by the Host of an Event...

  1. Take a ticket as you enter the ramp.

  2. When exiting the ramp:

    1. Put the ticket you received when you entered into the neon-green slot at the exit gate.

    2. Once the dollar amount is shown on screen, enter the "validation" ticket.

    3. If your validation ticket is only for a partial validation (i.e. one hour off from the book store) and if there is a balance due after use of the validation ticket, you may pay with a credit card at the exit if you have not already stopped at a pay station location.

    4. Gate will open after transaction has been completed.

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