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Family Restrooms

Family Restroom

Second Floor near Main Desk

Infant Care Stations

First Floor: men’s and women’s restrooms
Second Floor: women’s and family restrooms

Lactation Room

The Lactation Room in the Memorial Union is the women’s restroom that is within the Pride Lounge on second floor.  This restroom can be closed for private use when needed. It has counter space, access to electricity, access to water and a rocking chair. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis. When the room is not in use for lactation purposes, it will continue to be available as a public women’s restroom.  

To lock the room during use, check out a key from the Main Desk on second floor. 

Restrooms equipped with diaper changing stations are located on First and Second Floors.

Users of the Lactation Room are responsible for:

  • Obtaining their own pumping systems or containers. The Margaret Sloss Women's Center ((515)-294-4154) can provide information about the purchase or loan of a pump.

  • Locating a refrigerator or cooler to safely store expressed breast milk.

  • Cleaning their own pumping systems.

  • Leaving the room clean and in good order.

We ask that those using the Lactation Room be respectful of the needs of all women that use the room. Please report any problems in the room to Main Desk staff when returning the key. For additional suggestions and recommendations regarding breastfeeding, and for additional Lactation locations on campus, please contact the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center, Sloss House, (515) 294-4154. Iowa State University and the Iowa State University Memorial Union are not responsible for any problems that may result from use of the room.

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