Iowa State Memorial Union

Study Spaces


Ground Floor

Maintenance Shop  (above, left)

Small tables, solo studying or with small groups.
Open 11am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

CyBowl & Billiards

Casual atmosphere with background noise.
Snacks and beverages available. 

First Floor

The Commons

Solo or group studying with a little background noise.
Well-lit with roomy tables.

Browsing Library

Comfortable living room atmosphere.
Daily papers, current magazines, puzzles, and chess.

Outdoor Terraces

Many tables and benches available during warmer weather.

East & West Student Office Spaces

Larger tables for group collaboration in a stimulating environment.

Second Floor

West Lounge (above, right) 

Comfortable chairs and tables to spread out your notes.
Quiet atmosphere located south of the revolving door.
Open 7am to 11pm every day.

Main Lounge (above, center) 

Study in comfort either alone or in small groups.
TV available. Open 24 hours a day.
Located north of the Great Hall Desk.

Col. Pride Veterans’ Lounge

Quiet setting overlooking central campus.
Open 24 hours every day.
Located north of the Main Lo

Multicultural Center

Multiple study areas and meeting spaces.
Tables line the hallway outside of the MCC.

Third Floor

Study tables and comfy chairs are tucked in the hallways.
Located near the Gallery, Pioneer Room and Room 3505.
Open from 7am to 11pm.

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