Thank you for making the Memorial Union your destination. In order to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible, we have provided a few guidelines for buses to follow while loading and unloading.

The map shown below highlights two possible entrances where buses may drop off or pick up passengers.

A. The South Entrance is located directly off of Lincoln Way. Buses may enter the east entrance of the south driveway to load or unload. Buses should not be parked in the street for longer than five minutes. To exit, use the west end of the south driveway.

B. The West Entrance is located right across the street from Lake LaVerne. From Lincoln Way, turn north onto Morrill Road. Because of the parking meters, buses should park on Morrill Road to load and unload. DO NOT pull through the west parking loop where the parking meters are located. Buses should not be parked in the street for longer than five minutes. When leaving, continue north on Morrill Road towards Union Drive. From Morrill Road, turn west/left onto Union Drive and continue to follow the road traveling west towards Welch Avenue. At the stop sign, turn south/left onto Welch Avenue, which leads back to Lincoln Way.

The north side of the Memorial Union is NOT available for buses to load or unload passengers due to high volume of traffic using that roadway.

We thank you for visiting the Memorial Union and hope you enjoy your time here!

A map of the bus unloading and loading locations outside of the Memorial Union.