Reception area of the Military-Affiliated Student Center

For many of their years, the top three floors of the MU served as Iowa State's only on-campus hotel, hosting many parents, Cyclone fans, wedding parties, and alumni, often becoming part of a family's Iowa State traditions. But the rooms have also met the changing needs of Iowa State students in some unique ways as well. In the late 1930s, 80 students lived in the hotel rooms while additional residential space was being built on campus. This happened again in 2016 following the closing of Hotel Memorial Union - students lived in the rooms until 2018, when Geoffroy Hall opened across the street. After that, the rooms were used as overflow office space for campus departments whose buildings were undergoing renovations of their own.

Today, as student needs have shifted once more, floors 4-6 are now fully renovated both to address critical capital renewal needs and to repurpose the floors as office space to house several student service departments on campus. These offices, which provide critical services and resources directly to Iowa State students, are now able to do so in a space that is updated and comfortable - and takes advantage of the beautiful views of the Iowa State campus and Ames community!

Learn more about this project and its history in this Inside Iowa State article published in December 2020

Current Residents of MU Floors 4-6
  1. The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success - 4600 MU
  2. International Students & Scholars Office - 4530 MU
  3. Iowa State Lectures Program - 6558 MU
  4. Military-Affiliated Student Center (formerly Veterans Center) - 5600 MU
  5. New Student Programs - 5530 MU
  6. NCORE-ISCORE Office - 6571 MU
  7. Student Legal Services - 6660 MU
New Features
  • Modern, comfortable office spaces and conference rooms
  • Student lounge space
  • Student computer access
  • Beautiful views of central campus & the campanile
  • All-gender restrooms on each floor
The renovations on the 4th floor of the MU